2016 saw the performance of Big Dance by SPRUNG Youth Dance and Dusty Feet community dance classes. Choreographed by Akram Khan with music by Nitin Sawhney, we joined thousands of dancers from around the world in learning, creating our own version and performing for film the Big Dance Pledge.

Thanks to Incite Arts, Tracks Dance Company and Ausdance NSW for our involvement in this project.

Videography by Silvia Storchi (


Stranded was a 15 week project with a group of 18 kids aged between 7 - 13 years. The work was inspired by the story of "Lord of the Flies" and imagining what we would do if we were stranded in the desert with no adults. 

15 weeks of workshops led to this piece of work choreographed by Dusty Feet Dance Collective Directors Sila Crosley and Miriam Nicholls and performed at the Clay Pans just outside Alice Springs.


Choreographed By Jason Lam

Danced by Miriam Nicholls and Hayley Michener 

2. BLOODWOOD (starts 1:39)

Choreographed and performed by Sila Crosley, Miriam Nicholls, Melissa Kerl and Hayley Michener



This is a section of "My Desert is Delicious", a dance work in progress. Dusty Feet Dance Collective have engaged dancers from Alice Springs and Darwin to develop a work looking at different perceptions of the Central Desert and what Alice Springs means to each of us.

Created and Directed by Victoria Chui with music by Roland Cox. Thanks to Arts NT for funding of this project.


 Inspired by the Afghan cameleers of Alice Springs past and the imprints on our town that were left behind.

Choreographed by Miriam Nicholls and Hayley Michiner 

Performed by Dusty Feet Dance Collective as part of Dance Jam to the Streets (2011).  



Choreography By Sila Crosley

Performed by DFDC Performance Group

Music by Lady Gaga - Born This Way 


Dusty Feet Dance Collective at the GenerationOne Roadshow in Alice Springs Australia. 

Choreographed by Sila Crosley, Miriam Nicholls and Hayley Michener

Music By David Page and Yothu Yindi

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